Website Design

Does your business actually need a website?

Why your business needs a website:

  • Your customers expect you to have a website
  • Your competitors all have websites
  • This is how customers find new businesses and get information
  • Having a strong website is social proof that your business is a good place to spend money
  • Your website creates the first impression for your business
  • When you make changes, a website and social media are the best ways to share that information with customers
  • Effective web design is more affordable than it used to me!

Your business can’t afford to not have a great website!

Marketing in the modern world:

Your business needs a website to compete effectively in the modern world. Customers expect you to have a website, accurate local listings and social media pages. They often use your digital presence to get a first impression of your business before visiting. This first impression will often determine whether customers visit your location or go elsewhere.

Without a website, your business does not appear to be thriving or keeping up with the times. Every customer wants the best things for their money. With a strong web design and digital presence, we can create social proof that your business is the best choice for local customers to spend their money.

With improvements in the ease of web design, creating your new website is much more affordable than it used to be. Your business can have a stylish and high performing website within your comfortable budget.

About our premium web designs

Our web designs are guaranteed to have the following features:

  • Modern web design
  • Quick loading times
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Unique content for your business
  • Built in analytics tracking
  • Built in SEO tracking
  • Custom photos
  • Strong readability
  • Links to and from your social media
  • Monthly updates & maintenance
  • Monthly reports on website performance
  • Full access to edit and track your own site
  • Reliable and fast website hosting

Our business is built on value. With us you will have a premium website for a fraction of the cost.

Our commitment:

Lake Cook Marketing is committed to building the most competitive websites for our clients. Our premium sites are built within your budget so you get a return on your investment quickly. We understand the needs of local businesses because we are one. Our premium websites are built with careful attention to detail and unique content created for your business. We build sites so new customers will find you and have a great first impression of your business. 
Beyond these guaranteed features, we also have many options to customize your website. We can include: slide shows, links to online retail or elsewhere, and change any features of the site. Lake Cook Marketing will work closely with you to create the website that best represents your unique business. Your website needs to match the feel of your business and paint a picture for customers; that is what we do.

Web Design

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