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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s all about how search engines rank websites. When you search for anything online, search engines want to quickly give you accurate and useful results. In order to do this, they must analyze the content of websites to determine what they are about. This information includes: your location, hours, products and services. They also monitor the traffic to your website to determine if your business is thriving and active.

How to compete in SEO

In order to compete in SEO each page must have a clear focus that is easy to understand. All of the information on each page must be built around this focus. When all the content on each page is focused/coherent then search engines will rank your website above other sites. To build websites with competitive SEO, website developers need to put tremendous thought into creating content. Web designers also need to be actively working on SEO monthly so search engines know your business is actively being maintained. With strategic and consistent effort, websites improve in rankings over time, and move to the top of the first page!

Our approach to effective SEO

Many website developers build websites which are stylish but do not perform well in search engine optimization. Our team of web designers will partner with you to create compelling content which is also highly effective in SEO. We build all our sites with SEO programs to track the site’s performance. Our team can also work on your website continually each month. Through strategic planning and consistent effort, we will work to get you to the top of the first page. We will also give you full access to the editing pages so you can track the performance of your SEO. When you sign up for our monthly maintenance, we will include a monthly report with all the analytics data!

Let us build you a website that puts your business at the top of search results!

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