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We are ready to get started building you an affordable website today. Your website should be as unique as your business and that is our specialty. We are located in Lake County, IL and we serve all of Lake & Cook county. Contact us today for a free quote to get your new website started!

Don’t let your digital presence be the weak-link in the chain of your success. Your website and local listing will determine whether new customers come to you or go somewhere else. If you do not have a website, or your site is flawed; customers will not have a positive impression of your business. Do not undermine years of your hard work by having a weak or non-existent digital presence!

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Tell Us About Your Unique Business

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We will use this information to look you up and learn about your unique business. Our estimates will be based on comparable work we have done and a discussion about how intricate you would like your website to be.

If your business is in Lake County or Cook County, IL we are happy to come visit your location. Our website designers will meet with you in person to learn all about your unique business!

We will also discuss:

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  • Social Media
  • Monthly Maintenance Plans

Don’t worry! We’ll make digital marketing easy and understandable so you can make informed decisions.

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If you have any general questions or would like to schedule a meeting to see if Lake Cook Marketing is a good fit for your business, please email us at:


To reach us by phone please text or leave a voicemail at:
(847) 987-5505
(Note: This is a cell phone number because we are out in the streets, visiting customers. To avoid being confused with spam, please text or leave a voicemail!)


We are happy to come to your business to meet with you and learn more about your business. When we meet, we will take thorough notes and go through an info packet. Learning all about your business will help us to create excellent and engaging content for your customers. If you are located in Lake County or Cook County, we are happy to come visit your location.


If you want to meet in our space, we rent office space at:
2275 Half Day Rd
Bannockburn, IL 60015
Note: Appointments in our Lake County office must be scheduled in advance to ensure a space is available.

Come meet with us and let’s talk about all of the features which make your business great. Also be sure to connect with us on Facebook & LinkedIn!

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12 Person Conference Room

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