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You only get one first impression

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These are a few awesome local businesses we proudly work with

Grove & Associates: Court reporting, legal videography, and video conferencing

Floyd & Associates: Premium tile displays and sample boards

Hippie Gizmos: E-commerce business for natural products and apparel

Web Design

Web Design

Search Engine

SEO Service

Social Media

Social Media
Social Media

Local Listing

Local Listings

Website Design

Our team works closely with you to create the most compelling content for your customers.

Affordable Marketing Services

Lake Cook Marketing is committed to building the most competitive websites for our local clients. We understand the needs of local businesses because we are one. Our premium website designs are built with careful attention to detail and unique content created for your business. We build websites so new customers will find you and have a great first impression of your business. Our premium websites are made within your budget so you get a return on your investment quickly.

Why your business needs a website

Your local business needs a website to compete effectively in the modern world. Customers expect you to have a website as well as accurate local listings and social media pages. They often use your digital presence to get a first impression of your business before visiting. This first impression will often determine whether customers visit your location or go elsewhere.
But who should you hire to build your website? We would like to give you helpful information so you can make the best decision for your business.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is only effective if your customers can find you.
We work hard to get you listed on the first page of search engines

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s all about how search engines rank websites. When you search for anything online, search engines want to quickly give you accurate and useful results. In order to do this, they must analyze the content of websites to determine what they are about.

Built in SEO tracking for every website

We build all our sites with SEO plugins to track their performance. Our team is also happy to constantly work on your website each month. Through strategic planning and consistent effort, we will work to get you to the top of the first page of a search. Upon launching your new website we will give you full access to the editing pages so you can track the performance of your SEO.

Local Listings & Social Media

We are happy to build or maintain social media pages for your business and respond to customers who leave reviews for your business

Local Listings

Your Google listing is usually the first thing customers see when they search for your business. Google listings will show your business address, hours, phone, a link to your website, photos and reviews. Many potential customers will read this information before visiting your website or business. It is critical that all the information is accurate. It is also critical that you claim your Google listing to control the information.

At Lake Cook Marketing we will claim your Google listing, make sure the information is correct, then respond to customers who leave you reviews.

Social Media Campaigns

Does your business have a Facebook or other social media? 
The majority of Americans are on Facebook and customers expect that you are too. Social media can be a tool to promote your business with a conservative budget and here is how:

  1. Using Facebook ads, you can target customers in your area, based on their interests. This can allow a small budget to  be used to reach hundreds of potential customers nearby.
  2. Having social media is like having a smaller secondary website. When we create links from your website to social media and vice versa; it is like creating roads between the different places where customers can find you online.
  3. Having social media improves your SEO rankings so search engines steer customers to your business


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Lake Cook Marketing

Local Partners for Local Businesses

Company Overview

Lake Cook Marketing specializes in website design, website development, local listings and social media. Let us handle all the details necessary to make your business stand out online. We build premium websites at the most competitive prices because we have a small team with no sales reps or subcontractors. You will always get excellent customer service and we also give you full access to edit and track your own website.

At Lake Cook Marketing we work for you!

We created our “information” page so you can learn about digital marketing and make the best decisions for your business. Our team is happy to teach and involve you in the creation of your website. Check out all the pages of our website to learn about everything we offer. Click the link to go to our “About Us” page to learn more about our company and our promise to customers.

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